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Garlic drawing


Gift of the gods

neither large nor ornamental
slim, green dress and unassuming
the plant looks elemental
yet its repute is consuming

this underground flora chrysalis
could never miss
its spring appearance
in its evocative magnificence

graceful voluptuous bulbs
enfolded by tapered cloves
like drops of welcome wine
emerge from soil in droves

layers of thin silk-like skin
delicately embrace
smooth white aromatic flesh
to be enjoyed in many ways

garlic prawns and garlic bread
pasta sauce and garlic liqueur
broccoli on creamed garlic bed
garlic an ancient medicinal cure

as heaven's tribute to mankind
such culinary delight should set its
sight on being awarded a Nobel prize
of the epicurean paradise


Not your normal garlic bread

300 ml warm water
200 g plain flour
1 tbsp granulated yeast        
½ tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
1 large tbsp olive oil
1 tsp caraway seeds
2 cloves garlic

Add salt and sugar to warm water, stir, add half the flour by sifting it on the water, add yeast on top of that, then only stir so all is mixed. Add olive oil, seeds (add whatever seeds you prefer) and garlic cloves put through garlic press, and rest of flour.

Allow to rise in a warm place to double size or near enough. Knead dough on generously floured surface, incorporating some flour on the board as needed until dough is workable, but not too dry. Form into a rough roll, then cut off sections the size of half an apple, which you then form into creative shapes, like twisted sticks or just plain mini rolls. Place on a greased or papered baking tray. Brush shapes lightly with warm salt water and then sprinkle with sunflower seeds, sesame or other seeds. Bake at 180°C.

Good with soup or with dips. Can be toasted the next day sliced in half.